Precision Cutter Sharpener

Order No.: 439-1016

1. Easy to operate, grinding smoothly and steady.
    Air Bearing construction keeps high accuracy and life long.
2. Applicable to 2,3,4,6 flutes HSS end mill, carbide end mill,reamer.

Technical Data:
Capacity: (shank dia. x blade dia. x length) 50mm x 175mm x 200mm
Table cross travel (X axis): 115mm
Table longitudinal travel (Y axis): 60mm
Table in-feed graduation: 0.02mm
Adjustment for wheel head: plus 35 degree to minus 5 degree.
Air bearing swivel: 360 degree
Maximum wheel faring cup: 125mm x 52mm x 32mm
Air consumption: ≥0.63MP
Operation time: Complete in 2 minutes including setup time for 13mm 2 flutes end mill generally.
Motor: 220V/0.25KW/50Hz/2800Rpm
Optional accessory available to grind ball end mills and taps.

Order No. 439-1016

Specifications are subject to change.

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