Long Range Dial Indicator-metric

Order No.: 104-0070
Specifications: 0-30mm

  • Graduation: 0.01mm
  • With revolution counter
  • Lifting screw
  • White or black steel bezel
  • Plastic flat back.Metal lug back available upon request.
  • Order No. Range Remarks
    104-0070 0-30mm Jeweled,shockproof with revolution counter.
    104-0071 0-50mm
    104-0072 0-80mm
    104-0073 0-100mm
    104-0074 0-30mm Jeweled,shockproof with revolution counter, broad knurl metal bezel.
    104-0075 0-50mm
    104-0076 0-80mm
    104-0077 0-25mm Universal type
    104-0078 0-30mm
    104-0079 0-25mm Universal type, with broad knurl bezel
    104-0080 0-30mm
    Specifications are subject to change.

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