Universal Swivel Head Milling Machine

Order No.: 905-0319
Specifications: 300x1150mm

Besides all the fuctions the conventional horizontal milling machines have, this universal swivel head milling machine can be used for both horizontal milling, vertical milling and angular milling at any degrees. Your parts can be milled both horizontally and vertically at the same time. With the optional universal dividing head, rotary tables etc, you can mill staight, helical slots,cylindrical surfaces, spur gears and helical gears. With optional drilling and boring fixtures, it can also be used for drilling, boring, sloting. Vertical spindle and horizontal spindle are controlled independently with different electrical. The vertical spindle speed is variable adjusted with an inverter.

Techinical Data:

Table Size
Number of T-slots and slot width
3x18 mm
Distance between T-slots
70 mm
Max.longitudinal travel
Max.cross travel
235 mm
Max.vertical travel
400 mm
Travel of ram
470 mm
Swivel angle of the milling head
Max.rotations angle of table
Horizontal spindle taper
Vertical spindle taper
ISO40 or MT3
Horizontal spindle speed
12 steps
Horizontal spindle speed range
35-1600 r/min
Vertical spindle speed type
Variable Speed
Vertical spindle speed range
70-1500 r/min
Table feed speed
14 steps
Longitudinal Feed speed range
Cross Feed Speed Range
Vertical Feed Speed Range
4-240 mm/min
Rapid Longitudinal Travel Speed
2100 mm/min
Rapid Cross Travel Speed
2100 mm/min
Rapid Vertical Travel Speed
700 mm/min
Vertical spindle motor
3 kw
Horizontal spindle motor
4 kw
Feed motor
0.75 kw
Coolant pump
40 w
Net weight of machine
2650 kg
Gross weight of machine
Overall Dimensions (LxWxH)
1535x1695x1728 mm

Order No. 905-0319

Specifications are subject to change.

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