3-in-1 Lathe,Mill and Drill Machine

Order No.: 905-0168
Specifications: 300mm*470mm

* Compact, versatile combination machine.
* Adjustable height drill/mill head increases capacity
* Large MT4 spindle bore.
* Fine feed handle and clutch for precision milling.
* Headstock provides two step of feeds.
* Large swing over bed gets greater capacity.
* Spindle is supported by high precision bearing.
* Headstock is constantly oiled during operation.
* T-slot cross slide.
* Adjustable gibs for the slideway.
* Power longitudinal feed allows threading.
* High precision chuck.
* A reversing switch is included for added versatility.
* Tailstock may be offset for turning taper.
* Tolerance test certificate, test flow chart included.

Order No. 905-0168
Dimensions( L×W×H) 1060(40")×540(21-1/4")×750(29-1/2")
Shipping Weight 250kg/551lb
Machine Weight 190kg/419lb
Crate Size 1120(44")×580(23")×980(38")
Powerfeed (X-Axis) Yes
Powerfeed (Y-Axis) No
Table Size 150(5-7/8)×425(16-3/4")
Threading Dial Yes

Lathe Specifications
Distance between centers 470(18-1/2")
Dial Calibration on Crossfeed 0.05(0.002")
Dial Calibration on Leadscrew 0.05 (0.002")
Headstock Taper MT4#
Lathe Chuck Mount Bolt-On
Spindle Bore 26(1.03")
Spindle Speeds 6 (160-1600 RPM)
Swing over bed 300(12")
Swing over work table 160(6-3/10")
Thread pitch on processing 0.5-3(11-40 1/n")
Thread kinds on processing 14(20)
Tailstock Taper MT3#
Z-Axis Working Travel 355(14")

Mill/Drill Specifications
Head Rotation 360°
Head Travel 80(3" )
Spindle Center to Support Column 175(6-7/8")
Spindle to Table Distance(Min-Max) 240-320(9-1/2-12-3/5" )
Spindle Speeds 12 (125-1600RPM)
Spindle Taper MT3#

Electrical Specifications

Horsepower & Phase 550w(3/4hp)/110V or220V (60Hz or 50Hz)
Motor Type A/C
Phase Single or 3PH
Voltage 110 or 220 Volts

1. There-jaw chuck
2. Dead center
3. Allen wrench
4. Double open end wrench
5. Change gear
6. Drill chuck
7. Tapered drift

1. Turning tool set
2. Steady rest
3. Follow rest
4. Machine base
5. Machine vice
6. Face mill cutter
7. Face plate
8. Back plate(φ160/φ200)
9. Four-jaw chuck(φ160/φ200)
10. Step block
11. Rolling center

Specifications are subject to change.

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