3-in-1 Lathe,Mill and Drill Machine

Order No.: 904-1340
Specifications: 13"x40"

Main features:
* 39" or 24" between centers. 
* Variable speed control. 
* X-axis and Y-axis powerfeed. 
* 180V or 90V DC motor
* R8 or MT3 spindle
* Not for sales to USA, Canada, Mexico

Specifications: 904-1340 904-1324
Swing over bed:   339mm 339mm
Swing over table:   190mm 190mm
Distance between centers:  990.6mm 609.60mm
Spindle  D1-4  Camlock D1-4  Camlock
Spindle bore:   28.58mm 28.58mm
Headstock taper:  MT4 MT4
Tailstock taper:   MT3 MT3
Thread:  inches:7-52 tpi; metric:0.35-6.5 mm
Cross-slide travel:  194mm 194mm
Millhead taper:   R-8 R-8
Table:  451X165mm 451X165mm
T-slot width:  11.11mm 11.11mm
Spindle diameter:  70mm 70mm
Working height: 100 min, 340mm max to faceplate: 178mm
Drill Capacity:  16mm 16mm
Chuck arbor taper: R-8 to JT3 R-8 to JT3
Spindle to table distance: 100mm min, 340mm max
Spindle to support column:  241.3mm 241.3mm
Motor DC  1.1KW or 1.5HP 
Speed Range: 50-1500 rpm / 600-3000 rpm
Weight: 350kg/300kg 280kg/240kg
Crate Size: 1263X578X1100mm 1170X578X980mm    
Specifications are subject to change.

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