Cutter Sharpener

Order No.: 439-1012

The cutter shapener is applicable to grind milling cutter of all kinds of diameter,shopers and angles for die sinker,also to die pin corres ponding to the miller according to die sinker scale, it has ability of grinding turning tool,drill.So it is an necessary equipment in using die sinker with excellent figuration,new structure and good application

Technical Data:
Wheel Diameter: 100mm
Thickness: 50mm
Hole size: 20mm
Spindle sp: 5200rpm
Collet clamping diameter range: 3~16mm
Tool post longitudinal travel: 140mm
tool post longitudinal mircro adjustment: 18mm
spindle longitudinal mircro adjustment: 8mm
Grinding taper range: 0 degree to 180 degree
Grinding negative angle range: 0 to 52 degree
Grinding relief range: 0 to 44 degree

Order No. 439-1012

Specifications are subject to change.

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