Tubing Notcher

Order No.: 840-0510

* This precision pipe notcher is a useful fixure for your drill press
allowing you to make round cuts in pipe and tubing of various shapes
at any angle from 0-45¡ãor 60¡ã(AL.)/0-60¡ã(Steel).
* Sturdy and durable steel frame holds you work-pieces rigid during operation.
* Base is adaptable to any worktable ,and is especially suitable to be
mounted on drill presses.
* The base may be swivelled and rotated,which in conjunction with the
adjustable pipe holder makes cutting compound angles very easy.

Technical Data:
Tubing Capacity: 2"
Spindle : 1/2"
Spindle Adapter: 1/2"to5/8"
Angle Adjustment: 0-45/60degree
N.W./G.W.: 2.8/3.5kg,28/33kg
Packing Dim: 30x17x11(1pec)/87x31x23(10pec)
Remarks: Aluminium

Order No. 840-0510

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