Multipurpose Metal Craft Tool Set

Order No.: 840-0092

* Create ornate metal fixture for home,garden or business;
* Make plant hangers, candelabras,wine racks,and even fencing out of mild steel strips;
* Includes scroll former bender,twister;
* Use up to 3/8" round or square bar in both scroll former and bender and up to1-3/6"x3/16"; flat strip in bender and 1"x1-3/6" flat strip in scroll former;
* One tool shears and punches square and rectangular;
* Shears round stock too;
* 1/4" base has four 3/8" mounting holes;
* Punch capacity: 3/16" flat stock.;
* shear capacity:1.18"x0.20" rectangular stock; 0.236" square or round stock.

Technical Data:
N.W./G.W.: 30/43kg
Packing Dim : 107x41x26cm

Order No. 840-0092
Specifications are subject to change.

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