Metal Cutting Bandsaw 170mm

Order No.: 850-0020

* Rigid cast iron design with steel base serving as utility shelf.
* Two speeds for optimum cutting of metal.
* Coolant pump ensures longer service life of saw blade.
* scale on the vise allows easy adustment for angle cuts.
* Quick adjusting vise for angular cuts.
* Swivel saw frame.


Max. Circular Capacity at 90 degree: 170mm (6.7")
Max. Rectangular Capacity at 90 degree: 170x210mm (6.7"x8.3")
Max. Circular capacity at at 45 degree: 120mm (4.7")
Max. Rectangular capacity at 45 degree: 110x110mm (4.3"x4.3")
Blade speed at 60HZ: 4P 80MPM or 262 FPM
Blade speed at 50HZ: 8P 40MPM or 131FPM
Blade size: 20X0.9X2085mm ( 0.79"x0.03"x82")
Motor: 750W (1HP), 50/60HZ
Drive: Gearbox
Packing size 126x72x100cm
N.W/./G.W.: 200/240kg

Order No. 850-0020

Specifications are subject to change.

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